Monday, November 7, 2016

A Special Blog By AnnaMay

Getting started:
Getting started is tricky. You unplug the cords, untie the ropes, start up the engines, take a seat and go. When we were on the Great lakes, sometimes it was hard on my belly because of being out on the rocky waves for so long... sometimes it was six hours or more! Three hours seems like 10 minutes now that we are on the rivers and the water is smooth. Now it is much easier to travel for my belly.
On the way: 
As you know, there is stuff to do on the way. Sometimes I go to the fire (which is really the heater under our steps). Sometimes I play with my dollies. Sometimes I go up to the fly bridge and read. And sometimes I just go up on the fly bridge and look where we are going. One time, I was up on the fly bridge and birds started landing on our life vests. It was right around Chicago. Chicago was really pretty and it was sure something I was never going to see again. Unless... I took a boat trip again.
Last week, I was walking down the dock and I saw this brown, furry, long animal with 4 feet. It reminded me of a hot dog. If you know what it might be, let me know. I wondered if it was an otter, but I don't know if there are otters around here in Kentucky. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of it, but it ran across the dock towards me and then it went into a hole in the dock that went right into the water. That's all I know about it. It was a quick meeting. :-)
Another time when we anchored out, when it was dark out, I was sitting in the dining area and then there was a high pitched howl of a wolf. Nina said, “it sounded like a lady screaming.” Mom heard it too and looked at me with wide eyes! Ella was fortunately asleep and probably would have been scared. Nina was excited. It was a pretty cool night
(In this picture I'm pointing to the hole that the animal leaped into.)
(This is the "fire" where I get warmed up and sometimes eat chocolate :) )