Friday, September 2, 2016

Even Mermaids Get Seasick

"You're the most mermaid friend I have" -Sammy Williams

This was something one of my friends told me just before we left for our trip. I took it as a compliment! I think deep down every laker girl pictures herself closer to a mermaid than other girls. I mean lets be honest, laker girls were practically born with fins. Anyways, we've had an interesting couple of days and learned some very interesting things about each of us. After being stuck in Port Huron we excitedly left and went to Lexington. It was cute, but would've been much better had the town shops actually been open! LOL! Two days ago we left Lexington behind and arrived at Harbor Beach. Our biggest lesson was learned on the way here.

Mermaids, my dear friends, can get seasick. Horribly seasick. It hit me first. As most of you know I am one that gets cold super easily, so picture this. I'm curled up in a ball on a seat with my hoodie wrapped around every inch of me, a blanket around me, and I'm wincing at every big wave we hit. That day had been especially windy and the wavs were about 3-4 feet high. It was not pleasant. The second one to get hit with the sickness was Anna May. So now, picture this. Two of us cuddled in blankets clutching our stomachs and freezing. It was quite an interesting trip. We finally docked here at Harbor Beach after three hours of going up and down and back up again. I will be honest in saying it took everything in me to not run for shore and kiss the sand!

We definitely learned our lesson and the next day went shopping at a local store for some motion sickness medicine and some of those Sea Bands (pictured below) that are suppose to use acupressure to prevent seasickness. After that we enjoyed a day of shopping and visiting with some friends. Our next stop is Port Austin. Our friend who visited us our first day here told us all about it and it sounds very fun! We are really looking forward to it! We were supposed to leave today, but we took one look at the waves across the water and decided against it.

I guess that even though this experience wasn't the greatest that it makes for a good story about how mermaids can indeed get seasick as well! Now you learned something new today also! Thanks for boating alongside us on this adventure! Can't wait to write to you all again soon!


  1. I remember getting seasick on a sale oat in the Pacific. Not fun!!! Glad it only lasted 3 hours for you! Love following your awesome trip!!!

  2. Hello!

    My name is Eric and me and my family of 5 have picked up your story here and on FB. We plan to make the loop one day too! Looking forward to more stories.

    So what was the issue with the boat?

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